Dynair Car Park Ventilation System

Basic Principle of Car Park Ventilation

The ventilation of enclosed or underground car parks fulfills two key requirements: remove the pollutants emitted by cars and, in the event of a fire, control the hot fumes and gases produced by the fire, protecting the escape routes and easing access for the emergency teams.


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Special Technology

In recent years, the technology used for jet (or impulse) fans has been established as the new standard for normal ventilation and smoke extraction in case of fire in enclosed car parks.. In fact, this technology represents the most innovative and cost-effective alternative to traditional ducted mechanical extraction systems. Carefully managing the project in all its development stages, which requires the fundamental use of fluid dynamics calculation programs, also ensures that the system is working correctly. Jet Fan system provides either normal ventilation and can also be provided for smoke extract in case of fire in underground car parks, or a combination of both. i.e. a dual purpose fan.


The fully integrated JET FAN system developed by DYNAIR® includes three ventilation elements, some CO (carbon monoxide) detection sensors, a control panel and a CFD analysis: these are the essential requirements to design the most suitable ventilation system for a specific car park.

The system is based on placing a set of axial impulse fans (JET FANS) all along the parking area, which operate in a similar way to a ducted system: when installed on the ceiling, they move the air from the top layers to the bottom layers towards the exhaust areas; by effectively creating a continuous air flow, the JET FANS are able to thoroughly cleanse the air at the bottom and the top layers of the car park, avoiding the creation of areas where air gets trapped.

Jet Fans System is completed by air inlet devices operated by natural air or mechanical devices (parking access ramp, natural ventilation ducts, side openings or inlet fans) and exhaust fans.

Car Park Jet Fans


Compared to a ducted ventilation system, the innovative JET FAN system ensures multiple benefits in terms of low cost and efficiency associated with its design, installation, operation and usage.

  • The compact size of the JET FANS allows to optimise the spaces and their flexibility of installation both when building new properties or refurbishing and/or certifying existing buildings.
  • It saves design time as it does not require a complex ducted system to be designed and implemented.
  • The system effectiveness can be measured with CFD (fluid dynamics calculation) modelling.
  • It allows the project designer to benefit from a better presales customer service.
  • The project can be financially assessed within 24 hours.
  • Final costs are in line with expected costs.
  • It removes the need for costly and complex ducted and grilled systems.
  • The fans are easy to install, ensuring time saving in terms of hours of work.
  • The reduced size of the JET FANS easies installation of other systems (sprinklers, lighting etc).
  • Ease of scheduled and breakdown maintenance.

Major savings in running costs ensured by the system distinctive features:

  1. Ventilation can be fully or partly operated: the CO (carbon monoxide) detectors and the smoke sensors, in fact, ensure that only the ventilators located in the areas where pollution levels are exceeded or where a fire has started are enabled.
  2. Less total power required as the accurate design ensures the optimal size of the ventilation system; more specifically, the inlet and exhaust fans can be smaller as the JET FANS generate a negligible pressure drop compared to ducted systems.
  • Better quality of breathable air: the JET FAN system creates a continuous airflow able to mix the different layers of air and to avoid areas where air gets trapped.
  • Optimized safety in the event of a fire: fast and effective toxic fume extraction, leading to safer escape routes, easier access for the emergency teams, promoting people safety and minimizing the effects of fire on the building structures.


For more information on Car Park Ventilation System, Please Download Catalogue Here!

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